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Madrid, in the very center of Spain, is renown throughout the world as a center of art and culture with a nightlife that is the envy of most other cities.  Here you will find a wonderful mixture of the ancient combined with the most modern shopping, conveniences and luxuries that the world has to offer – and all within one of the most romantic settings that you can find anywhere.

The city of Madrid was founded in approximately 852 A.D. by the Moorish emir Mohamed I.  The Arabs built and ruled Madrid until the 11th century and the influence of their art and architecture remains to this day.

A beautiful example of Moorish architecture is the tower on the oldest church in Madrid, San Nicolas de los Servitas, which is very near the Moreria, or the old Moorish Quarter of the city, a “don’t miss” on any itinerary.

For those interested in shopping, Madrid offers a plethora of choices.  If you are looking for leather goods or shoes or fine jewelry from some of the finest Spanish and international designers, start your search along the Avenue Almirante and along Conde de Xiquena.  You will also find many fine shops in the Salamanca District.

If you are interested in more locally-produced handicrafts and religious articles you may want to begin your search around the beautiful and historic Plaza Mayor.  In addition to great shopping you will also find many examples of exquisite architecture, both ancient and modern, around the Plaza Mayor.

One of the largest and most enjoyable open-air flea markets is the Rastro.  It is open on Saturdays and Sundays and you’ll find it between the Plaza de Cascorro, the Embajadores and La Latina.  Here you can find almost anything that you can dream of – often at prices that will astound you!

If you are searching for some of the hottest nightlife around, then Madrid is your kind of city!  Most restaurants don’t even open their doors before eight or nine at night and the festivities go on till morning, seven days a week.  You’ll find the majority of hot nightclubs in the area around the Plaza de Santa Barbara, the Alonso Martinez and the Glorieta de Bilbao.  If you are looking for a younger crowd, try the bars and nightclubs near the University, in the Moncloa and Arguelles Districts.

For couples wishing to marry in Spain keep in mind that at least one of the couple must have lived in Spain for two years before a civil or religious wedding can take place.  However, symbolic ceremonies – including themed weddings such as Renaissance or Medieval  ceremonies – or religious blessing ceremonies can take place at any time.

So if you are looking for some of the hottest nightlife in Europe or if you are looking for one of the most historic cities in the world, then your choice is clear – the beautiful and romantic city of Madrid!