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Destination Weddings in Galicia

White sand beaches dominate the coast of Galicia. The scent of eucalyptus permeates the countryside. Rivers wind through the hills. Ferny woods, plunging valleys and slate-roofed fishing villages make it look and feel like no other region in Spain. The mountains, the untouched woodland with its indigenous species, deep valleys and inaccessible peaks, and the varied flora and fauna unique to Galicia, means your destination wedding in Galicia will be a unique experience as well.

A rest stop on the Celt’s journey to Ireland around 900 BC, this region has atypical undertones. Celtic inscriptions, dolmenes (funerary chambers) and a regional instrument, gaita, (bagpipes) testify to Galicia’s Celtiberian past.   Make your ceremony unique and have a the bagpipe played during the procession. 

In La Coruna, one of Spain’s bustling port cities. Why not take your vows in front of the Torre de Hercules, the town’s famous lighthouse, with the sun-splashed Atlantic coastline as your background? Or have your special evening under a deep-blue, night-sky with blinking stars rivalled only by the bright beam of the lighthouse? This Roman structure boasts 242 steps and was a beacon for many ships that sailed to and from this port city. Your luminous white wedding gown will be a stark and beautiful contrast to the waves crashing against the rocky shoreline.

In Oveida’s Plaza Alfonso II, let a palace provide your perfect wedding settings. The Casa Palacio de la Rua