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Weddings in Barcelona

Spain is a magnificently beautiful country for a wedding and the ancient and colorful city of Barcelona most especially so. Here couples will find romantic wedding venues that have served lovers for hundreds of years, and there are few cities anywhere in the world that can boast of the architecture and the art that is Barcelona’s by right.

The world-renowned painter Joan Miro lived andworked in Barcelona, as did PabloPicasso and Salvador Dali. Their work and theirinfluence can still be seen and felt to this day, infusing the entire culturallife of Barcelona with an almostelectric intensity that can be found nowhere else in the world. A wedding in Barcelonais a unique experience and one which hundreds of couples each year take fulladvantage of.

Barcelona is one of the oldestcities in the world. Its founding goes back more than 2,500 years when thePhoenicians and the Carthaginians established a trading outpost at what istoday the beautiful port of Barcelona.

Over the centuries Barcelona has been conquered by the Romans, theVisigoths, the Moors and finally the Spanish. Each conquering culture has leftits mark on the city, until today Barcelona is a magnificent tapestry of artand cultures and architecture that is certain to enhance your enjoyment of thismagnificent city and add to the total ambiance of your most specialof days.

Barcelona’s warm and inviting weather and its myriad gardens and lush parkshave helped to make Barcelona a haven for romantics and lovers from around theworld. Barcelona also serves as a hub for many other local touristdestinations, such as the nearby Balearic Islands, the Costa Brava just up thecoast to the north, the beautiful and lush wine country to the West as well asthe historic Roman City of Tarrango just to theSouth.

Barcelona itself has many faces for you and your lover to explore. There isthe modern city, filled with trendy shops and fancy restaurants and a fantasticnightlife, but there is also the older Gothic Quarter, with its cobblestonestreets and quiet cafes, and the many museums and ancient churches that dotthis magnificent city.

If you are looking for a romantic and affordable place for your wedding, thecity of Barcelona on theNortheastern coast of Spain,with the beautiful blue Mediterranean lapping at your feet and almost threehundred days of sunshine a year, offers virtually everything that a bride andgroom could wish for.